Sunday, April 21, 2013

What's New For You at Nature's Own?

Bread is a sort of comfort food for me. I have something bready at least once a day. Sometimes I’ll just have a slice of buttered bread. It is very true that not all breads are created equally. I never paid much attention to the vast differences until I started dieting. Most breads range in the 60-80 calorie a slice range, which can be a lot when you are cutting down. One of my favorite diet breads was the 40 calorie Nature’s Own bread. A lot of low calorie breads are, well, little. There was no sacrificing taste, hardiness, or texture with Nature's Own.

Nature’s Own has a wide variety of breads all across the calorie range, from sandwich breads to bagels and special treats. Recently I had the opportunity to try a few that were new to me! It’s been a long time since I had an English muffin! They usually have too many calories for me to eat regularly but this multi-grain English muffin from Nature’s Own only has 100 calories! I could have that every morning if I wanted to. It was wonderful, light and airy, and toasted perfectly with a crispy layer and a chewy warm layer! This is perfect for egg sandwiches or even with some butter and jam.

Also in the 100 calorie range was these lovely sandwich rounds. I've never tried anything similar to this before. They are very thin, think pita type thin, yet they have that wonderful sandwich bread taste to them.  These were perfect for a light afternoon snack or light lunch like cucumbers and cream cheese or a tomato sandwich.

They also have bagels that are thinly made which is awesome for me because bagels are way to full of calories to even be eaten on the weekends. (I don’t diet on the weekends) These thin bagels only have 110 calories and are delicious. They are not as chewy as a big bagel but you get the bagel effect without the effect on your diet! I loved being able to indulge on a bagel and cream cheese!

My favorite of all of the new breads I tried from Nature’s Own was the oatmeal toasters. These are lovely little squares that toast into a nice mid morning snack. The flavor I tried was the cranberry orange. You can actually taste both the cranberry and the orange. It was so unique and absolutely fantastic. I loved them with just a dash of butter.

I tried two varieties of the bread, honey wheat and 100 whole wheat. Both had a very impressive texture. Even my husband noted that when we toasted them they managed to keep a lovely chewy inside texture while having a crispy outside. That is pretty hard to get in a store bought sandwich bread. You can see and feel the difference in texture of these breads, they are hardy and make a sandwich really something special.

We have always loved Nature’s Own breads and now we have a few more to add to our shopping list. Please take some time to visit the Nature’s Own site and see what wonderful new things they have that you might not have tried yet! You can also connect with Nature’s Own on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I may receive products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.