Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Gamer's Loot Crate!

Loot Crate is here! Loot Crate is here! There is just nothing more exciting than seeing that lovely Loot Crate box in my mailbox. This is 'the' monthly box for gamers and geeks of all kinds. I don’t mind admitting I fall into a few geek types, and you may well know I am sci-fi geek, but you may not know that I also game when time permits. Each month the box has a different theme and this month the theme was ’Token.’

The first thing I saw after opening the box was an orange bag. This was actually a collectible Mushroom Kingdom Racing Cinch Pack! How very cool is that? I mean really check out the awesome design. In addition to being an awesome bag it held the rest of this month’s contents.

First grab out of the bag was a mystery box within my mystery box! The Street Fighter Mini Series Blind box. Did you ever play Street Fighter before? They really wanted to make sure you didn't know what was inside because the mystery figure was sealed in a foil wrap as well. After opening the foil, I knew who I had, Ryu! That’s just way too cool.

Next was even more mystery Street Fighter! A Street Fighter Enamel Key-chain Blind Bag. Inside the pack was a really nice key-chain which has E. Honda Vs Dhalsim. What is really cool was it even has the special move sequence!

Next was the BBZ Arcade Token. That really brought back memories. When I was a kid we used to spend hours after school in the arcade. Aside from being super neat these are also solid brass and have awesome designs on the front and back.

Next out was my favorite, Space Invaders Candy in a collectible tin. OMG I just love this tin! The tin looks like the arcade game! The candy was a lovely sour apple but the tin was really the prize here!

Speaking of candy, also in the bag were two Retro Game Candy candies. One was an IBC Root Beer sucker which I really enjoyed because I love IBC and root beer suckers!  Next was a mini burger gummi candy from eFrutti, both came from Candy Warehouse.

I know you are itching to know how you can get your hands on such an epic subscription box. All you have to do is sign up here and for $13.37 you can have your very own Loot Crate delivered right to your door. Sign up today though because boxes are limited and with stuff this epic demand is high.

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  1. I am so loving your loot crate reviews! I need to get my hands on one!

  2. Used to play street fighter.... this box looks super cool! Thanks for the review! =)

  3. my kids would love this. My son especially

  4. This sounds super fun! I love playing games with family and friends.