Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Therafit Has New Summer Sandals!

One thing I really love about summer is sandals. I grew up in Florida, which meant it was sandal season all year long. I miss that here in Kansas for half of the year when it i just too cold for any opened shoes. In fact, in Florida, aside from my days in the office I pretty much lived in sandals. I even kept a pair in the car so that I could ditch my heels as soon as possible.

While sandals are comfortable compared to heels as I got older I noticed that I preferred a sandal with a bit more to it for comfort sake. Often the choice was an adorable unsupportive sandal or a not so adorable but extra supportive sandal. However, I have some adorable and comfortable sandals to tell you about!

You may recall just how much I love my Therafit Deborah Shoes. Well, Therafit is introducing it’s new summer sandals. They have the same patented personal comfort system as the other Therafit footwear but they are an adorable sporty sandal. In addition to the comfort system they also have 86 reflexology nodules in each footbed and a deep heel cup for extra support.

The comfort system, like before is totally customizable to your own personal comfort and support needs. The rods are easy to remove and replace so you can experiment with any arrangement, and find the one that will let you walk all day and still end up with relaxed supported feeling feet.

They are available in three fabulous styles: Tiffany, Carly and Sandy, which is the style I have. I was instantly drawn to the vibrant colors of the Sandy style and it should be no surprise to you that I picked pink. Just look at how fabulous they are!

I know you are wondering how you can get your shoe loving hands on a pair of these awesome sandals. Head off now to the Therafit site and sign up for exclusive early access on May 30, a full 48 hours before anyone else! You know you want to be the first dive to head out into the sunshine in total comfort in these stunning sandals.

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