Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - For Her/Him - Aurorea Yoga

You may recall from past posts that one of my favorite ways to relax is yoga. There isn’t much that is as calming for me and my easily frazzled nerves. I’ve been through a lot this year medically and yoga has helped me stay centered and recover my strength. When I practice, be it at home or  away, it’s important that I have not only a cute outfit, but also a mat that is as functional as it is fabulous.

Aurorea Yoga has always been a favorite shop for me to visit online. I've spent a fair amount of time browsing and daydreaming about working-out with their  fantastic products. Imagine how excited I was to get the chance to try their Aurorae "Synergy" Yoga Mat-Towel. This mat is unlike any I have ever seen before. I was totally excited to get to use it and super impressed with its performance.

What makes it extra special is that it has a wonderful microfiber towel as the top, which is bonded to the Aurorea eco-safe/friendly 5mm yoga mat. It’s 72” which is just right for me to move on and plenty long enough to stretch out on as well. And I swear  you seriously have not felt anything so lush on your feet as far as yoga mats go. Plus, when you get down for floor work you will certainly appreciate the lushness of the mat.

I had been contemplating a towel to lay over my old mat because I sweat a lot and the mat can get slippy, but I had done some asking around and found that, that method can result in a bunched up towel which only serves as a distraction. With this mat you get all of the benefits of a yoga towel but with none of the slipping or bunching, which means you can have a distraction free, and most importantly slip free session.

I also like that they have Aurorae's Golden Sun Focal Icon on the front end of the mat to help with concentration. It’s details like that and the beautiful durable outside stitching that make this mat stand out as a real quality mat. Plus, after you have sweated on your lovely mat it is super easy to clean - machine washable! You know I appreciate something that is low maintenance like that.

I have a feeling this is the start of a long relaxing partnership between me and my Aurorea "Synergy" Yoga Mat-Towel. Are  you ready for a new mat, or perhaps you are unhappy with your current mat? I highly recommend this mat, seriously I have tried several and this is hands down my favorite mat.

In addition to the mat I also received a fabulous candle. The pledge candles, which would make a perfect stocking stuffer, are a collection of meditation candles. They are designed to help you focus on a particular state of mind. I received the Harmony Lavender Soy which is a lovely extremely relaxing scent. These candles have a great burn time of around 30/35 hours and are non-toxic and smokeless. They even come in a recyclable tin. In addition to the Harmony/Lavender they also come in: Compassion/Vanilla, Healing/Eucalyptus, Patience/Rose (we could all use that), Love/Chocolate, and Creativity/Cinnamon. 

Visit the Aurorea site and browse  around, this mat comes in several lovely shades and while you are there check out the other  great yoga products they offer, like the awesome candles I told you about. You can also connect with Aurorea on Facebook and twitter to stay up to date with their newest products and special offers.

Disclosure: I may receive products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers. 

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