Friday, April 18, 2014

Bootights & Darby's by Shelby Mason

It is no secret that I am a boot girl. No matter the season, or weather, you will usually catch me in a pair of boots. Along with boots, I love a good pair of leggings or tights. Though the two are very different, my love for them is the same. Now if you also frequently don a pair of tights, you know the confusion that will follow when you look at your sock drawer. Socks and tights have been in a battle for years. Don't wear them and your feet will be slipping all over your boot. Wear them and the two layers on your feet can be uncomfortable, bulky, and hot. All of this being said, I have found the solution: Bootights. Bootights are tights with socks built right in!

I saw Bootights and knew I had to have them. My years of fighting with my sock drawer have come to an end! I received a pair of Essential 201 Ankle in the color Heather. These are a semi-opaque tight with an ankle sock. They are 50 denier with a soft, non-roll waistband, control top, and cotton gusset. The attached sock is wicking, cushioned, and contains arch support. The socks are so comfortable, I wouldn't mind having just a few pairs of them alone.

The socks may be comfortable, but so are the tights. Tights can be so hit and miss. Some sit far to low on your hips and can cause unsightly bumps while some come up high enough you could cover your bra. I really like where these sit. They hit me right at my belly button. This is where my body naturally curves inward so I don't have to worry about having curves in unnatural places. The weight of the tights makes them very versatile as well. They are thin enough that you can wear them in the spring but provide enough protection that they will be great for layering in the fall and winter as well!

Shelby Mason also offers Darby's which are knee-hi's with a built in sock. I got a pair of Lacie Lacy Darby's in the color Rain. These are going to be great for Spring! They are soft and sleek like a tight but have adorable lace detailing at the top. Knee-hi socks can be far too bulky in boots, especially in the summer. These are the perfect solution for warmer days when you still want to add a little flair to your outfit. They are also a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit. 

These are made with the same awesome sock and tight material. I like that on both of the Bootights and Darby's the material is durable and snag and run resistant. Nothing is worse than ruining a great pair of tights with a zipper, fingernail, or toenail. I found that my favorite way to wear these was over a pair of skinny jeans and with taller boots. I like that is gives a cute pop of color and lace without being overbearing to the outfit as a whole. I think these would be adorable with a pair of cowboy boots and a dress or a pair of shorts as well. Any boot-wearing woman really needs these in her spring and summer wardrobe.

I love both of these items and you will definitely be seeing them in many posts to come. If you want a pair for yourself, check out Shelby's website. Be sure to also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to say up to date on new styles and any fun promotions! Their Instagram is full of awesome inspiration as well! 

Disclosure: I may receive products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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