Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Newman's Own Organics For Pets

Andrew and I really try to eat as organically as possible and we manage to do pretty good for ourselves. We also like to make sure our furry kids also get good, wholesome, organic food and treats as well and to do that we turn to Newman’s Own Organics.  With as much as I love the human food line, especially the cookies… mmmm Ginger O’s, I feel confident that the fur-babies are getting delicious foods as well.  

For a daily dog food the Adult Dog Formula dry food, which are little triangle pieces of crunchy goodness.  I put a little in my hand to see the reaction and as you might have guessed all I had left in my hand was a bit of dog drool to wash off! 

Next was an old household favorite, the Peanut Butter Premium Dog Treats, which were appropriately heart shaped because they are so much loved! It was hilarious how Fudge watched the treat so intensely his eyes crossed! You can see all of the tasty goodness in the treat too.

Chicken & Rice Recipe Snack Sticks, which are crispy tasty sticks. Patches, who is the oldest and biggest of them all, got up on her hind legs to beg for one of these tasty treats. Look at all the anxious puppies waiting to bite into these. You can see all the tasty texture on this, it looks an awful lot like human jerky and they way they ate it I bet it tastes just as good. This was the first bag emptied and one I will be replacing fast. 

The Organic Beef & Liver and Chicken & Brown Rice Premium Dog Food came in 12.7oz cans, and has a thick and creamy consistency as well as a tantalizing aroma, which the dogs really loved. Plus it has super recognizable, organic ingredients that I know are good for my dogs, which is something I love. 

The Turkey & Liver and Chicken Dinner flavors came in the pull top 5.5 oz cans, which makes them super easy to open. They both also had a thick creamy constancy and wonderful aroma that made the dogs come running for dinner. It really does smell nice and they seem to be able to smell it from several rooms away. They ran to the kitchen and waited impatiently as soon as I popped the lid. 

For my lucky boy Sam (The Cat) there was a Bag of dry Premium Cat Food in Adult Cat Formula, which is little cat bite sized pellets. I could tell he liked it, because 'he who never gets excited by meal time' actually stuck his face in the bag. I have never, ever seen him do that and I always let him check out new stuff before I fill his bowl. Once I put it in his bowl it actually took him a few bites to realize it was food and not a treat, and therefore slow down! 

Four 3oz cans of wet food in Turkey & Vegetable, Chicken & Brown Rice, Turkey & Liver, and Chicken Dinner. This was a great size for Sam because he doesn't eat a lot at one time. He really loved the taste of them all; they had his total attention until the bowl was empty. In fact when he saw the can coming he started meowing at me, which me means hurry up and give it to me momma! 

There were also two 5.5oz cans in Chicken & Salmon and Turkey Dinner varieties. He liked these just as well as the other wet food, and was able to get two meals out of each can. All of the animals in this house are huge fans of everything we tried from Newman’s Own Organics pet line! Please take a moment to browse their pet line and find something for your pets to love!

Disclosure: I may receive products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Newman's Organics makes very good dog food and treats. My dog likes the Sweet Potato treats that I got him a few times. I like that their food is healthy and organic. Your doggies look so cute. They sure model good. Oh I can not forget Sam sticking his nose in the bag! How cute.