Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Two New Hats With Red Heart Boutique

Good morning! I have been busy crafting with Red Heart Boutique yarns. I wanted to make a Spring brimmed hat and as you can see it was very simple, too simple for my fabulous self.

I made it using this pattern and instantly thought that the Red Heart Sassy Fabric in Pink Dot would take it from simple to special!

It sure did turn out really awesome. Even my husband said this is my best hat yet - I tend to agree. 

The Pink Dot fabric really takes it to the next level and it was so very easy to work with.

I love the way the fabric gathers and lays, adding fabulous and depth all at the same time. 

Speaking of fabulous, Swanky yarn in Sterling is all about fabulous! 

It turned a simple shell stitch beanie into something super swanky! I love the way this catches the light! Pictures really do it no justice. I am going to grab some more of this yarn and make a scarf. 

I encourage you to visit Red Heart and Coats and Clark online to see all of the great supplies they offer and make sure to browse around all of the free patterns for inspiration and ideas for your next project.  Look for supplies from the whole Coats and Clark family at your local craft stores as well as online. You can also connect with Red Heart on Facebook and Twitter for fun promotions, new products, free patterns, and promotions.

Disclosure: Red Heart provided the fabulous yarn to make these projects.


  1. These hats are adorable - that gray yarn is beautiful!

  2. Great hats! The gray one is my favorite. I love the sparkle.

  3. The Red Heart Sassy Fabric in Pink Dot really does make the hat fabulous. Good choice, nice hat.

    slehan at juno dot com

  4. I love the gray hat! I have never seen fabric like that before :)

  5. I loved the hat with the pink dot fabric! I wish I could make hats like these.

  6. I just love these hats! I would totally wear these hats. They look made so good by you. You should be proud of how good you can knit and crochet! I like the colors of this yarn