Monday, June 23, 2014

Branch out with Memebox!

I love trying new beauty products but finding products from other countries can be a little tricky. Sketchy websites and a general lack of knowledge can make shopping for foreign products intimidating. Now worries though! Memebox is here to save the day! Memebox (pronounced mi-mi) is a beauty box provider that brings the most loved and trusted Korean beauty products right to your door! 

They offer three kinds of boxes: Memeboxes, Superboxes, and Luckyboxes. Memeboxes contain 4-8 full sized products and deluxe sized samples with no set theme. Super boxes contain the same amount and have themes to the products included that target a certain beauty concern. Luckyboxes contain products that were loved from previous boxes and are making a comeback! I love that you are able to pick and choose which boxes you want. There is even a store on their site where you can purchase individual products that you liked or want to try!

I received the Membox from Nature ($39) which is one of the first Memeboxes to have a slight theme. All of the products in my box contain only ingredients found in nature! The first item I tried was the SN-T Goddess Cream($19). It contains plant stem cells from the yew tree. This is part of their Sebum Control System which is great for my oily skin! The cream is more of a gel in texture which gives my skin moisture without the extra shine that creams have. I didn't notice much of a scent which made it an awesome daily moisturizer! 

The Dewytree Tea Tree Blemish Solution Masks($6) were the next items that caught my eye. They are cooling masks that hydrate, calm, repair, and clarify the skin. They are sheet masks which are always fun and they fit my face pretty well, which is rare. The serum on the masks was also more gel-like in texture and definitely had a great cooling effect. I noticed that my blemishes looked less red and irritated after use as well! I love these masks and will definitely be trying more from Dewytree's line.

The next item was a the Lanoa Natural Soap - Sulfur ($17). The soap contains sulfur, shea butter, chamomile, and lavender. This soap lathers up good and makes my face feel awesome afterwards. It gently cleanses which makes it great for everyday use. I didn't notice a strong scent either so it didn't irritate my eyes or sensitive skin on my face.

The Ramosu 100% Propolis Extract Ampoule ($20) is a pretty interesting little product. You can mix in a drop or two with your normal moisturizer or use it as a facial mist. It provides deep hydration and creates a barrier on the top of skin to protect the skin's balance and moisture underneath. I would use this product very sparingly. With my oily skin, too much of this could definitely turn me into a disco ball. With the right amount, however, it did hydrate my skin and I like the way it makes my skin feel.

The Swanicoco Cell Emotion Snail Gommage Peeling Mask ($25) was the product I was most excited for. The peeling gel removes black heads, dead skin, and residue to help unclog your pores. This peel can be a little intense and would definitely use a good cream afterwards to help re-moisturize the skin. That being said, this peeling gel is AWESOME. I love it! It makes your skin feel so clean and rejuvenated. I thoroughly recommend this product! 

The last product in my Memebox was the Moongkle Nutrition Intensive Repair System. I received two of the ampules and I wish I had more! They contain high concentrations of protein amino acid, 11 different kinds oriental medicine extracts, argan oil, jojoba oil, and camellia oil to help nourish and protect your hair. This stuff really makes your hair feel and look amazing. After using this, your hair feels brand new and has a wonderful shine. It also doesn't leave buildup on your hair which can be a problem with intense repair masks.

I love my Memebox and I can't wait to try more! My introduction into Korean beauty products has left me wanting more! Memeboxes are a great deal too! As you can see, the price of the box is much lower than the price of purchasing all of the item individually! Be sure to follow Memebox on Facebook to never miss an upcoming box! Also, check out their website to get your Korean beauty fix!

Disclosure: I may receive products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.


  1. I don't think I'd want to spend that much on a box that I don't know what it will contain- too rich for my blood. I do like the ampoule and the mask, though!

  2. Where can I buy the Cell Emotion Snail Gommage Peeling Gel? I can't find it anywhere!