Friday, July 25, 2014

Food Should Taste Good Brown Rice Crackers

I seriously love my savory snacks, all kinds of chips and crackers. When snacking, I do try and make wise decisions about what I eat. That is one of the reasons I love Food Should Taste Good. I recently had the chance to try the new Brown Rice Crackers. I love that the main ingredient is brown rice flour! But the very best part is that they taste awesome! They really, really do taste great. 

There are four delicious varieties. The first we tried was the Tomato & Basil, which has a lovely crunch and wonderfully seasoned tomato flavor. These also have sesame seed, quinoa, and amaranth! They really are something special. After I savored the flavor on a few, I tried it with some cottage cheese and found it was just divine that way.

The Peppercorn Blend went straight to Andrew because I am a lightweight when it comes to heat. He really enjoyed them and ate the whole box in one sitting. He is a growing man after all. This blend has pink, white, green, and black peppercorns! He said they had a perfect amount of heat and he liked the sesames seeds in them as well.

The last two we tried were the Sea Salt and Roasted Red Pepper flavors. The Sea Salt was a lovely simple flavor that while it was great on it's own, we both liked it dipped in salsa.  Both of us love bell peppers and together we made fast work of the box, all on it’s own, no dips. It was wonderful and had a lovely pepper flavor.

The next time you are shopping for a snack that has all the taste you want and none of the strange ingredients, take a look for some Food Should Taste Good snacks. I have tried so many of their flavors from tortillas to crackers and have never found one I didn’t love. Take a moment and browse their website.

Make sure you visit Food Should Taste Good and have proper drool over all the delicious varieties. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter so that you never miss a new flavor or special offer.

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  1. I like eating snacks and these Brown Rice Crackers look healthy and delicious. I would love to try these. I will have to look for these next time in the store. I have had the chips.

  2. I like rice crackers from Japan and its an improvement that these are made from brown rice.

  3. These sound like a cracker that I would really like, I will definitely give them a try.

  4. These are such good crackers! They do not taste fatty at all!

  5. I would love to try these crackers