Friday, September 19, 2014

Witch's Night Out on DVD from Mill Creek

It’s probably not a surprise to you all that Fall is my favorite time of year and Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. There is just something so magical about getting to be whatever you want for the day. In fact, no one has ever been able to convince me that I am too old to dress up.

Getting to be whatever you want is the topic of great cartoon I just had the pleasure to watch! Witch’s Night Out is available for the first time on DVD from Mill Creek. I had really thought I have seen every single Halloween special out there, but I guess I was wrong because I hadn't seen this one yet. 

Witch’s Night Out is a fully animated cartoon that starts Gilda Radner as the Witch! I love Gilda, who doesn't? This originally aired on NBC in October 1978. The basic premise is that there’s a party at the Witch’s haunted mansion and she is the star of the show by letting the children be whatever they want for Halloween… for real. What could go wrong? … You will have to watch and see!

In addition to this fun feature the DVD also has great bonus material. There is a Witch’s Night Out comic book and several bonus cartoons including:  Casper the Friendly Ghost: There's Good Boos To-Night - The Friendly Ghost - Boo Moon, Felix The Cat: Skulls and Sculls, Hoppity Hooper: Ghost, Space Angel: The Ghost and Crystal Mace, Popeye the Sailor Man: Spooky Swabs, New 3 Stooges: Mummies Boys, and Meany, Miny & Moe: House of Magic. 

Make sure you head over to browse the full selection of titles from Mill Creek Entertainment on their website. You will find everything from family and classics, to horror and sci-fi! Make sure you stay connected with them on Facebook and Twitter too so that you never miss a new release.

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  1. Great review . It will also air on THISTV network starting on Oct 4th. Goto www.witchsnightout for more details. Gift of a winter will hit the street on OCT 21st.