Monday, October 6, 2014

Pets Rock

You all know that I love my pets. Those who know me very well know that they are part of my family and they are all rock stars in their own ways. Pets Rock is a company that speaks to my heart. They offer the most quirky petcentric things I have ever seen.

I want to back up just a second before I rave about the coolness they sent me and tell you a little about the company.  Pets Rock  is a play on people’s enduring fascination with pets and the cult of celebrity. With more than 60 characters in the Pets Rock world and many more waiting to be let off the leash you’re sure to find the perfect pet goodie.

On to the goodies! They offer a huge selection of things with their totally cool pet rocker characters. Maybe you need an apron, or a cutting board for your kitchen… they have that. They even have fridge magnets and tea towels if you want to complete your cool kitchen look. Stepping out of the kitchen they have you covered especially if you get a pair of the cool flip flops! There is stuff for electronics and even clothes.

I was sent some very cool coasters in the GG and Fool characters. These are great for not only keeping rings off my favorite furniture but also great conversation pieces. I was also sent the USB power bank in the Pop character. Now I can always have a charge no matter where I roam with my furry babies. I think it is a cool touch that the container looks like a pet food container. It is also really small and easy to just toss in your purse. 

If you love pets, and stars, as much as I do you should do yourself a favor and visit the Pets Rock site. The characters are so cool, seriously! The Western gets me to smile each time I see it and the metal always reminds me of high school. They are seriously endearing designs. You can also connect with Pets Rock on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with news and never miss a new design.

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