Friday, November 7, 2014

Silence Of The Lamb’s Wool by Betty Hechtman

Do you remember not very long ago when I told you about the great crochet mystery series written by Betty Hechtman? Of course you do! And I am sure you are now several books in because it was just that awesome. Now, if you happen to finish and are hungry for more delicious yarns, I have great news. There is another series by the same author with two fabulous books!

I read the first instantly and I just finished devouring the second, Silence Of The Lamb’s Wool. First, I must say I have never heard of a yarn retreat but even the idea sounds just too divine. Imagine, if you will, a weekend getaway filled with knitting classes and a bunch of fellow yarn lovers… sounds just perfect to me. Unless, of course, there happens to be a murder!

In which case, I'm glad it was just a fictional retreat. Reading a Betty Hechtman mystery really is a retreat too. As with every one of her books I have read, the characters are so well constructed they just feel real and you get to know them in a way that makes the story so cozy. The sleuth in this series is Casey, who is a reluctant knitter with commitment issues that inherits the yarn retreat business only to have the mystery/murders tossed into the mix complicating things further.

Casey is the kind of character I get, she isn’t perfect and well organized nor does she always just get it right when it comes to solving the mystery, and I think that goes a long way to making her so real. She is someone I would love to sit down with and knit, gab, drink coffee and taste her muffins! I didn’t mention she also bakes at night for the local shops.

In addition to Casey, the book is populated by a myriad of secondary characters that are just much fun, and the investigators in the series are fun as well, though they don’t seem to have too much fun once Casey starts to second guess them. The Vista Del Mar, where the retreat takes place, has really grown on me and I hope I can find an unplugged relaxing resort like it for my next vacation. In addition to the relaxed atmosphere of the resort, I absolutely adore the surrounding shops and their owners.

This is really the type of mystery you can’t put down. What’s not to love? Yarn, knitting, mystery, and I almost forgot to mention free patterns and recipes! Muffins, cookies and shawls await. And the patterns and recipes are super easy and delicious. Grab your copy today! I can’t wait to hear what you love about the Yarn Retreat Mystery Series.

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