Thursday, November 27, 2014

Weave Of Absence by Carol Ann Martin

Where are my mystery lovers today? I have a fabulous series to tell you about. It’s a series of weaving mysteries! Now, I’m not personally a weaver, yet, but I do really love these mysteries that are craft based. I seem to relate more to the characters for some reason. And they are more based around the who done it mystery than the gruesome murder, which I really like.

This book, Weave of Absence by Carol Ann Martin, centers around a group of friends in the small town of Briar Hollow, North Carolina. These wonderful ladies are hand weavers and they gather at the local studio, Dream Weaver, ran by Della Wright, who I just know you are going to love. You get a real feel for the charm of the small town and the people that populate the story. It’s cozy and welcoming.

This story picks up with Marnie Potter, Della’s friend, getting ready for her upcoming marriage. Della is holding an engagement party but isn’t really sold on her fiancé after some strange happenings at the party. Of course, the next day when one of the guests is found dead, Della starts thinking is might have been Marnie’s fiancé and she starts to investigate for fear of her friend’s safety.

Now this would have been engaging enough but there is also a side mystery, which you will have to decide if it is related, involving some stolen art and value heirlooms. The twists and turns are totally gripping and kept me guessing to the very end. There were a few times I held my breath when Marnie or Della found herself in a tight spot.

Of course, amid the mystery there is the everyday life of the characters which was full of drama, romance, and friendships of this small group of ladies. I really found they grew on me, especially Della, Marnie, and Matthew, who I hope to hear more about in future parts.

In addition to a fabulous story filled with great characters, there is a beginners weaving project in the back of the book. I will have to trust that it is easy because I have no idea how to weave and the terms were foreign to me. It has peeked my interest though, and I will be doing more research. Maybe when I pick off the first two parts in the series there will be even more beginner friendly projects to start with.

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