Tuesday, December 16, 2014

50 Fabulous Garter Stitches from Leisure Arts

I must admit that even though I started knitting first, crochet is the yarn art that seems to come like second nature to me. As such, I don’t know how to make the fancy looking knitted items. In fact, I really only know the very basic stitches and didn't feel like that was enough to make anything really pretty - boy was I mistaken!

Garter stitch is the first stitch you learn when someone teaches you to knit, but rows and rows of just a knit stitch are pretty boring. In fact, I even got bored with a blanket I made using knits and purls, so as you might imagine I didn't realize the garter stitch could be so interesting until I opened  50 Fabulous Garter Stitches.

I really had no idea that the garter stitch can be used to make lace, ripples, mosaic designs, and ribbings. In fact, without using a purl stitch, garter stitch can even be made to look just like stockinette. As the title suggests, there are 50 different stitches all created by only using a knit/garter stitch! In fact, there are more than 50. And there are no purl stitches in this book.

Another fabulous feature is that you can make these stitches using any weight yarn you want. They are fun to make and will add a new dimension to your knitting. I personally cannot wait to try my hand at a lacy one since I am in a real shawl mood lately.

With a book like this, even a beginning level knitter, like me, can make and design the most beautiful works of yarn art. I am seriously still in awe with all that can be done only knowing one stitch. Just look at the beautiful stitches on the cover! I see shawls, blankets and even sweaters in those stitches.

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