Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Most Comfy Sleep Mask Ever

I know I am not alone in not sleeping well at night. In fact, I don’t sleep well in a lot of situations. Where as my husband could fall asleep on a park bench, I can never be guaranteed to fall asleep in the daytime, in the car, and even in bed at night. If there is even a hint of activity or light, I will be awake. 

That being said when it comes to sleep masks, most of them do let in light and are generally awkward and fall off when you shift around; and I do shift around a lot. If you can relate, you have got to try this patented Sleep Mask that is specially designed with deeply molded cups that curve away from your eyes and eyelashes for rub-free comfort. 

This mask blocks out light and visual stimuli, while contouring to your face and eyelids for comfortable and uninterrupted sleep! That means you can sleep anywhere, any time even if you struggle like I do. It is also light weight which adds to how comfortable it is.

As you may know, exposure to light during sleep interferes with your sleep cycle, preventing you from the long and deep night's rest you need to function at your best. This patented Sleep Mask completely blocks out all light and visual stimuli so you can nap or sleep soundly anywhere. Sleeping with this mask is like having your own personal mobile black-out curtains. 

This really is the most comfortable sleep mask I have ever tried and I have been able to get a full night sleep as well as naps in the daytime! You can get your own HERE at

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