Friday, December 26, 2014

Stay in Style at AC Hotels!

Recently, I was inspired by AC Hotels' breakfast to start thinking about serving my own breakfast. AC Hotels is owned by Marriott and is inspired by European style. At AC Hotels, they encourage their guest to "feel the city" with approachable designs that are distinctly urban. Among the great amenities that these hotels offer is their AC breakfast, including traditional European dishes, freshly sliced meats and cheeses, sweet and savory egg tarts, homemade butter croissants, and flavored iced coffees! 

If those delicious foods don't get your gears turning, I don't know what will! Now, I am not much of a morning person and neither are my friends and family. So when I talk about breakfast, I usually mean brunch. Hosting a brunch may sound complicated and intimidating, but it really isn't. 

Whether your friends prefer a glass of champagne or a mug of coffee with brunch, beverages are something you really have to think about. One of my favorite ways to make coffee is with a French Press. It makes such a beautifully bold and aromatic cup of coffee. Another thing you may not have thought to use your french press for is tea. As you can see in the pictures, a French Press also makes an awesome cup of tea.

At my brunches, I like to spend as much time with my guests as possible and as little time in the kitchen. I will prepare all of the staple foods but after that, I like to mingle. One way I can achieve that is by providing a waffle station. I set out a waffle iron, batter, and an assortment of toppings and ingredients so my guests can make their waffles just the way they like and they are always nice and warm when they go to eat them.

Have you ever hosted a brunch? If so, do you have any tips? If you are looking for a little inspiration, I know that the AC Hotels' breakfast menu will definitely help you start planning our own! Also, if you are planning a trip to Europe, New Orleans, and, very soon, Kansas City, be sure to look into AC Hotels for your trip!

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