Monday, January 5, 2015

MeasuPro OX100 Pulse Oximeter

I spend a lot of time at the doctors which tends to make me a bit of health nut. In spite of my chronic illness that I can’t change, I am always looking for ways I can improve my health. In order to do that, I need data. I have all sorts of tools and every time I notice the doctors relying on something else, I want one.

If you have been to the doctor or hospital lately, you may have noticed them getting your pulse and oxygen measurements from a little device they clip on your finger. This is useful to know for several reasons and the main use I will have for it is to determine the success of my exercise attempts. Of course, first I needed to get one for myself!

I picked the MeasuPro OX100 Pulse Oximeter. It is so simple and easy to use. You just turn on the power, push open the device, and slip it over your finger. In just a few seconds, you have your reading. It is so small that you can toss it in your pocket. This is useful for me because I can take it with me on walks, when I really want to know my data.

The display is bright and easy to read and I really love that it uses regular AAA batteries. To save batteries, it features a five second auto shutoff function and the device will automatically power off due to inactivity. It will also display a low battery level indication.  In the box there is also a small, soft carrying case for protection of the device and a lanyard.

It was exactly what I wanted and worked as I hoped. I know I will get a lot of use out it as I improve my saturation and heart rate this year. To find out more and purchase your own head over to Amazon.

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