Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Queen of Hearts by Rhys Bowen

As a fan of all things royal, the Royal Spyness Mystery series by Rhys Bowen is really my cup of tea. I have been with this series for a while and was so happy to see part eight, Queen of Hearts. If you are not all caught up like I was, this is fine place to jump in, just be ready to fall in love with the charming story and want to read them all too.

From the back of the book:

My mother, the glamorous and much-married actress, is hearing wedding bells once again—which is why she must hop across the pond for a quickie divorce in Reno. To offer my moral support, and since all expenses are paid by her new hubby-to-be, Max, I agree to make the voyage with her.

Crossing the Atlantic, with adventure in the air and wealthy men aboard, Mother all but forgets about Max and matrimony—especially when movie mogul Cy Goldman insists on casting her in his next picture.  Meanwhile, I find myself caught up in the secret investigation of a suspected jewel thief. Lucky for me, the lead investigator happens to be my dashing beau, Darcy!

Mother’s movie and Darcy’s larceny lead everyone to Cy’s Hollywood home, where the likes of Charlie Chaplin are hanging about and there’s enough romantic intrigue to fill a double feature. But we hardly get a chance to work out the sleeping arrangements before Cy turns up dead—as if there wasn’t enough drama already…

My thoughts:

Lady Georgiana is one of my favorite lead characters in cozies and it is always a joy follow her as she puts things together.  One thing I love is her spunk, no matter what wild errand she is off on or even when dead bodies turn up you can count on that spunk.  Rude or not, George's mother always makes laugh; I just find her hilarious. Even the story as a whole is a fun one with an appearance by my favorite comedian of all time, and that makes for even more good fun. Did I mention this is just a fun read?

With all of the aforementioned fun there really is a lot going on almost right up until the end, at which point it all wraps up nice and tidy. If you are looking for a series packed with character and fun, this is one you should check out.. check it out today. There was an excerpt in the back for the next part which is already available in hardback!

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