Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trick or Deceit by Shelley Freydont

I have been a long time fan of the Celeration Bay Mystery series by Shelley Freydont. It's a fabulous series with a charming setting and wonderful characters. You also don't have to have read the other three to jump right in with he latest, Trick or Deceit.

From the back of the book:

The author of Independence Slay invites readers back to Celebration Bay for Halloween festivities with more tricks than treats…

This October in Celebration Bay, you can’t swing a black cat without hitting a haunted house. There are three finalists in the contest for the town’s official Haunted House, and ten thousand dollars will go to the winner, with the rest of the contributions and proceeds funding a new community center. Event coordinator Liv Montgomery has invited her friend Jonathan Preston, the debonair CEO of a philanthropic organization, hoping he will award a grant to the center.

But after the Museum of Yankee Horrors wins first place, the transformed Victorian boarding house is vandalized ... and among scattered mannequins of Hester Prynne, Lizzie Borden, and the Headless Horseman, a real dead body is found—one of the contest judges. Now in addition to playing host to Jon, Liv has to play detective and coordinate the clues to unmask a self-appointed judge, jury, and executioner.

My thoughts:

First, I love every thing Fall! Any part in a series that takes place during my favorite time of year and my favorite holiday is instantly comfy to me. I have been eagerly awaiting the falling temperatures this year and could almost feel myself being taken right to Celebration Bay! 

All of my favorite characters were here; you are going to fall in love them all. You will even love the anti-heroine, Janine. The story had a great pace with lots of other things going on along side of the main mystery. While I was able to figure this out, I think it that was more because of my gut instinct and having read so many cozies. I recommend you pick this up today and grab the other three parts as well because you are going to want to read them as well.

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