Thursday, September 10, 2015

WonderVeg Three Blade Spiralizer

I love me some veggies and after I cut out most meats (I eat a pescatarian diet), I enjoy finding new ways to enjoy the vegetables that I already love. I recently got the chance to try out the WonderVeg Three Blade Spiralizer and I am quite impressed. I have tried handheld spiralizers to little or no avail but I am glad to report that this one is great!

This spiralizer comes with three blades, an instruction and recipe book, and a pink cleaning brush. I love that they include a brush because those blades can be hard to clean without it! There is a built in storage compartment that holds the two spare blades while the other is in use. There are also suction cups on each of the four feet which is great because you don't have to worry about it sliding around during use! 

The plastic is BPA-free and stain resistant and all of the parts are dishwasher safe, as well! You secure your veggie to the circular notch on the blade and then stick the little spikes into the other end. Using a little pressure, push forward (toward the blade), while turning the crank. The blades are very sharp, so much work is not involved to get great, consistent results. One of the issues I have run into before was dull blades that required much more work and didn't work very well, often turning my veggies into mush! You don't have to worry about that with the WonderVeg!

The three blades included all yield different results. The plain looking blade gives you ribbons which are great for salad and making chips. The blade with the bigger triangles makes a thicker noodle (or as I like to call them when made out of zucchini, zoodles), and the last blade, with the smaller triangles, makes a thinner pasta. I love the versatility! Shrimp and vegetable scampi with zoodles is to die for! All of the deliciousness without the carbs!

I am really impressed with my WonderVeg Three Blade Spiralizer and I am glad to have finally found a spiralizer that does what it says it will do! I know you are dying to make your own zoodles, so head on over to Amazon where you can pick up your own WonderVeg Three Blade Spiralizer. Plus, right now, it is currently 50% off, which is a great deal!

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