Monday, February 1, 2016

Loot Crate - January 2016

It's that special geeky time of the month again where looters everywhere stalk their mailbox in anticipation. For any newcomers, or generally forgetful people, Loot Crate is quite possibly the most awesome subscription box out there. For only $13.95 a month, you can get one of these epic boxes for yourself. They also offer different boxes now, like Anime, Gaming and Pets. They even have apparel subscriptions and Limited Edition boxes! If you haven't checked out the Loot Crate website lately, you should. You won't be disappointed!

Before I get into the loot, I want to mention that this month they announced that every box from now on will have a shirt and I am so excited! The theme this month is Invasion and I am also very excited about that too! To start out, we had some great throwback loot. Up first is an awesome ALIEN Facehugger Plush. This is definitely cuter and more cuddly than it's predecessor. There is also some awesome Mini Art Prints from the classics The Day The Earth Stood Still and The War Of The Worlds.

A prop replica Multi Pass is also included. I loved The Fifth Element as a kid (I still love it) and I am so excited this was included! Who doesn't love Leeloo? Another childhood love of mine was Space Invaders. The two-dimensional game is now three-dimensional with this awesome vinyl figure. It comes in three color varieties and I got the orange/clear one. 

The last two items are just in time for the X-Files' return! The first item is a super bright LED flashlight! We all know that searching for aliens, monsters, and ghouls takes you into some creepy places and, of course, most creepy places also happen to be dark. The last item is an exclusive shirt from Threadless. Featuring some of my favorite agents, this shirt also has aliens, UFOs, and a bright green color! What more could you ask for?

Loot Crate, as usual, was awesome this month! I know you are dying to have your own Loot Crates coming to your door so remember: All you have to do is sign up and for $13.95 you can have your very own. Sign up today though because boxes are limited and with stuff this epic, demand is high. You can also stay up to date with fun extras and specials by following Loot Crate on Facebook and Twitter.

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