Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lace Shawls From Doris Chan

You all know I love shawls, I love lace, and I love everything girly. Of course, when I saw Amazing Crochet Lace from one of the best designers, so I heard, I had to try it! 

First, I want to say the patterns inside were all totally stunning, there is no denying that. That said, I made two and both of them where so riddled with error I had to use the charts to figure out what was going on. I am a total novice at reading charts so it made it super hard and took all of the fun out of it. Unless you read charts, or are a great crocheter that can look at something and figure it out, I would say stay away from this book.

The first one I did was off the cover, I used Caron Eco and it took almost three skeins. I really loved the way it turned out. I gave this one as a gift but now that I have my pattern correction notes, I might make one for myself. 

Up next, I wanted to do a pineapple one because I had heard they were challenging and I wanted to test my skills. I think it was challenging because the pattern was a hot mess and not because of the pineapples. Either way, I love the shawl and will be making more pineapple patterns very soon. 

While the end result is lovely, I must say buyer beware on the book as it is full of errors. I wish I had read the reviews on Amazon before getting the book myself.  

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