Monday, March 7, 2016


Yep, more shawls. I love shawls and these won't be the last shawls you see me make either!! 

This first is one called the road trip scarf which is easy enough to make into a shawl you just keep going with the pattern, which you can easily find for free if you google it. I edged it with some sparkly special yarn to give it am extra fun touch.

This shawl was from a chart in Russian so it may not even be right since my chart reading skills are less than ... well lets just say it was all guesswork. I think it came out awesome though and it was my favorite shawl this past Fall. 

The shawl below is a reading shawl I found in a library book and made for my dearest friend. Every time she wears it she gets asked requests to make it! I love that she loves it and so does every one who sees it. 

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