Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Toxic Trousseau (A Witchcraft Mystery #8) by Juliet Blackwell

You know I love my paranormal cozies, especially witchcraft based themes. I was so tickled to see a new part to an old favorite series. A Toxic Trousseau (A Witchcraft Mystery #8) by Juliet Blackwell was an absolute joy to read.

From the back of the book:

The New York Times bestselling author of Spellcasting in Silk continues as witch and vintage boutique owner Lily Ivory cracks open a Pandora’s box when she investigates some alarming apparel...

Even the most skilled sorceress can’t ward off a lawsuit, and Lily is not at her enchanting best with her hands full as the temporary leader of San Francisco's magical community. So after her potbellied pig Oscar head-butts rival clothier Autumn Jennings, Lily tries to make peace without a costly personal injury case.

But any hope of a quiet resolution is shattered when Autumn turns up dead. As one of the prime suspects, Lily searches for a way to clear her name and discovers a cursed trousseau among Autumn’s recently acquired inventory. Lily must deal with a mysterious dogwalker and spend the night in a haunted house as she delves into the trunk’s treacherous past. She’s got to figure out who wanted to harm Autumn fast, before the curse claims another victim.

My thoughts:

This series has some of the most unique characters ever. And there are so many of them that each part can't possible cover all the ones I want to hear more about. It was great to see Lily, Sailor, and of course Oscar, who is my absolute favorite. I missed Aidan as he ducked out early, I want to know everything about him. What can I say, I like those dark leading men. That was my long way of telling you this book is packed with brilliant characters! 

On top of characters the setting is adorable, the and the added fun of a visit to the haunted house was delightful. The mystery with what is going on in town deepened, and will carry on. The murder mystery was solved and paced beautiful. I loved the interesting information about Victorian dyes, it shows the extra thoughtfulness that went into the plotting of this, and for a part eight that says this author cares about what she puts out. It shows. Everything I have read by Juliet Blackwell is brilliant from start to finish. I look forward to this and anything else she blesses us with.

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