Monday, August 8, 2016

Miss Dimple and the Slightly Bewildered Angel: A Mystery (Miss Dimple Kilpatrick #5) by Mignon F. Ballard

It's always nice to find something unexpected in my reading stack. I genre read a lot and there is definitely a formula. That said when a book or series stays in genre yet deviates from formula I am always delighted. Miss Dimple and the Slightly Bewildered Angel: A Mystery (Miss Dimple Kilpatrick #5) by Mignon F. Ballard was a perfect example of a standout concept, yet it still retained the cozy feeling I expect in this type of book.

From the back of the book:

October, 1944. It has been a challenging season for Elderberry's favorite first grade teacher, Miss Dimple Kilpatrick. A beloved former student was recently killed in the war, her brother has become distant, and her friend Odessa, the cook at Pheobe's rooming house, has taken a leave of absence to care for a relative. Still, when Dimple's librarian friend, Virginia, finds a young woman, Dora, on the library porch looking for a place to spend the night, soft-hearted Dimple brings her back to Phoebe's and offers her food and a warm coat. But when Dimple is trying to find her a place to sleep, the young girl disappears.

The next morning, Miss Dimple answers a knock on the door expecting it to be the girl. Instead, she is greeted by greeted by a somewhat disheveled young woman with lustrous hair and a sunrise of a smile who claims she has been assigned to fill in at the house. Augusta Goodnight, a guardian angel who has been summoned from a well-deserved rest after a series of troublesome earthly duties, has taken up at Phoebe's.

When Dora is discovered dead - murdered - the real reason for Augusta's "assignment" becomes clear, at least to Augusta. Reluctantly, Miss Dimple teams up with Augusta to find out who the killer is.

My thoughts:

The characters in this book really made the setting and era come to life. Through them I was able to see and feel the sacrifices made during the war and how it affected everyday life off the battlefield. There was tragedy and also a beautiful glimpse at love and loss. Even with the theme and the fact that there was a murder to solve it did not have a dower feel. The people made it feel comfy and homey.

While this is part five in a series, it is a stand alone mystery and I was able to read along without feeling like I had missed anything. The mystery was interesting, I didn't solve it, but I enjoyed the ride. There was also a bit of a supernatural feel to one of the characters that I really loved. It was done delicately leaving me wondering if I imagined it, which I think is perfect. I really look forward to finding the first four parts and seeing what I've missed.

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