Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pumpkin Picking with Murder (An Otter Lake Mystery #2) by Auralee Wallace

You may recall, not so very long ago, I told you about a refreshingly humorous cozy mystery. I am so very excited to tell you about the second part in that series, Pumpkin Picking with Murder (An Otter Lake Mystery #2) by Auralee Wallace. I am also exited to say it is also hilarious! 

From the back of the book:

When murder strikes in the Tunnel of Love, Erica Bloom has to rock the boat to catch a killer…

For a small town like Otter Lake, New Hampshire, the annual Fall Festival is a big deal: a Ferris wheel, corn maze, caramel apples and pumpkin pies—even a Tunnel of Love. Back in her hometown, Erica Bloom is trying to enjoy herself, which includes getting better acquainted with Sheriff Grady Forrester. But when a swan boat sails out of the heart-shaped exit of the tunnel with a dead man slumped over a wing, her own romance will have to take a backseat.


Speaking of love affairs, the other passenger in the boat—and only witness to the elderly Mr. Masterson’s swan song—is not his wife. It’s Erica’s beloved and feisty “aunt,” Tweety, who quickly becomes the prime suspect. Vowing to clear Tweety, Erica teams up with her sassy BFF and self-appointed security expert Freddie Ng to solve the murder—despite the objections of Grady, who’s convinced the amateurs are going overboard in their investigation. And he just may be right. But as Erica and Freddie start to dredge up long-kept small-town secrets, will they heading straight into troubled waters?

My thoughts:

As with the first part, the characters are what makes this shine. Erica and Freddie are hilarious and have such an awesome dialogue between them. I like that they are real, in that they don't always do things just right. In fact, poor decisions often leave them with the chance of things going very badly. The feel of humor that was interwoven into every aspect is really unique and refreshing.

The pacing was steady, and the plot gripping. I liked all of the twists and turns. I also enjoyed the subplot and extra depth in the evolution of characters. As before, I made this a one night read. I understand there is a third part coming soon, you will want to grab this, now, and be ready for that. Go on and read the first part as well. Let the laughter commence.

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