Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mill Creek Entertainment / Freakshow Cinema

Step right up to the gore-filled freak show, my fellow horror loving movie goers! Mill Creek Entertainment has released, for the first time together in this 3 DVD horror set, 12 creepy midnight movie equaling over 16 hours of sideshow fun! You will find everything from demons to vampires, and even my favorite - zombies. 

Up first disc one:

Tales of the Dead: Grim Stories of Curses, Horror and Gore (2010) This is a UK based, anthology type movie with four shorts. What it lacks in budget it makes up for in heart, for sure. The stories are told from five friends that have gathered on Halloween to continue their ritual of telling horror stories. The first story, Less is More, about a woman totally driven to have a bizarre and dangerous surgery and while not unflawed it was one of my favorites. Cry Wolf, had a fun premise of blurred reality with monsters and clowns (yikes) but it really suffered from it's low budget which wasn't helped by the acting. Penance, being a direct homage to Giallo, which happens to be a favorite genre of mine, easily wound it way around my heart despite it's odd ending. Up last is Cromwell’s Curse, which is a found footage type story about a cursed movie. I really liked this one even if it was a bit dark in places. Overall for this type of budget I’d put this anthology somewhere middle of the road and certainly worth a look for die hards like me who have to see every horror movie remotely worth a peek.  

Zombie Genocide: Legion of the Damned (2012) is a low budget zombie flick that is about a biochemical terrorist attack where the virus spreads across the continent turning thousands of people into a horrific flesh-eating army of the dead. This is not for fans of only Hollywood type zombie movies as there are serious flaws in the acting, pacing, and overall filming issues associated  with low budget horror. If you are a someone who watches a lot of horror, this one may look a bit familiar as it was released before as Deadlands: The Rising and I didn't see a difference between the two versions. This was great for a giggle with friends over pizza and a drink.

The Curse of Blanchard Hill (2006) The basic premise here is that a group of campers take a hike to Blanchard Hill, unaware that a killer, being used by nature to take revenge on the abusive white men, is on the loose. This one was a lot of fun for me because it was an awesome mix of lots of gore/blood and some of the most hilarious dialogue I have heard in a long while. Ranger Fred was a real hoot to listen to. Low budget gore hounds will find this one a real treat. Get your popcorn ready.

Idol of Evil: Hell Is Forever (2009) David Hilton, a mythological expert, is called on by the Vatican to help save his friend Dr. Kixley who was kidnapped by dangerous Satanists. For low budget the acting in this is above par as is the editing/filming in general. This really was more of an adventure type movie than horror but I still enjoyed the story. 

Disk Two:

Below Ground: Demon Holocaust (2012) is about a small group of people who are struggling to survive a demonic infestation. This was  a lot of talking heads with a very little bit of demon infestations. Considering it was so character driven they could have had at least one likable person in the group. You can safely skip this one without missing much. 

Order Of One: Kung Fu Killing Spree (2011) really doesn't belong in a horror set as it is more of an action/comedy. It is about Sonny and Ross standing in the way of the city's crime lord, Mr. Park, and his desire to possess the spear that pierced the side of Jesus on the Cross. The spear gives unspeakable power to whomever touches it. It does have some fun comical elements during the fight scenes but if you are looking for horror this will disappoint you.

Cold Creepy Feeling: Paranormal Exorcism (2011) is about  a young couple who move to the country for the quiet life, but paranormal visions and voices quickly turn the house of their dreams into a nightmare. They try an exorcism but that only makes matters worse. Sounds good right? Not so much. Sadly, this movie was tremendously harmed by it’s filming and the lead actress who took bad to a whole new level. It’s not the worst I have seen and could be fun with the right group of friends, cold beer, and popcorn. 

Indemnity: Rage Of A Jealous Vampire (2011) William’s ex-girlfriend Angela wants him dead and it seems she's more than capable of just that as she relentlessly pursues him on a terror trek across the U.S. This had a fun story and I really enjoyed watching it. There wasn't a lot of gore but there was a lot of heart. This one wins the award for best movie on disc two, easily. 

Disk Three:

Glitter Goddess: Queen Of The Sunset Strip (1991) this is more along the sideshow vein than a horror movie as it is a docudrama about a frustrated lady who rebels by worshiping Alice Cooper, and becoming one of the most prolific rock and roll groupies of the 1970s. As far as novelty goes it was a pretty interesting story about sexual frustration in a time when people were not as able to be open as they are today. 

Dark Measures: Gang Warfare (2012) is about Molly who survives a brutal attack from a gang, but it’s not over yet. They want her dead and are determined to kill her. This is an action movie with no real gore but it has a whole lot of heart. I really liked the main character and her bravery. The story was decent and well done on a low budget. It's another of what I call "popcorn and beer" flicks. 

By the Devils Hands: The 666 Killer (2011) This movie picks up twenty-five years after, the mysterious 666 Killer went on a six woman killing spree. With the Killer's thirst for blood renewed, only one lady stands in his way.  I won’t say this was my favorite but it was probably the most effective at being disturbing. The scenes with the killer were particularly upsetting and well done.

Tuck Bushman and the Legend of Piddledown Dale (2009) Tuck Bushman is an out of work TV presenter and creature hunter. Now the mayor of a small Yorkshire village is offering a reward to the person who can capture what is causing disturbances in his village. This one was the most fun I think, as it deliberately set out to be as campy as possible. Anyone who likes camp should get a kick out this movie.

Overall this was a nice mix which should have something for everyone. If you are looking for something new to watch you can browse the full selection of titles from Mill Creek Entertainment on their website. You will find everything from family and classics, to horror and sci-fi! Make sure you stay connected with them on Facebook and Twitter too so that you never miss a new release.

Disclosure: I may receive products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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