Friday, September 28, 2012

Simple Skincare Review

I am always, always, on the lookout for new facial products. I have fairly sensitive skin which can make trying new things a bit tricky. For a while I stuck with products made for babies, figuring better safe than sorry. However, recently I have been seeing a lot of things that claim they are designed for sensitive skin, so I've been bold and adventurous.

There is new line I noticed at Walgreens called Simple. I like the name and the concept so I did a bit of research and then decided that I would go for it.

The first product I tried was the hydrating light moisturizer, which I love! I use it twice a day, morning and night. It absorbs fast and doesn't leave a greasy feel so you can use it under your make-up.  After a few days I noticed my skin was feeling softer, which is great because it can get so dry. It’s nice to have this new weapon against dryness as winter approaches.

Next, I tried the refreshing facial wash. It was also a great success, no skin irritation. All it left was clean skin and a nice light scent. It wasn't drying as soaps can often be but wasn't as moisturizing as I wanted for my dry skin. This will be a perfect face wash for those who have oily skin or during the sweaty summer months.

Then I tried the moisturizing facial wash, which had that extra bit of moisturizer I was looking in my facewash. It also had a nice light scent and left my skin feeling clean and refreshed.

I will be adding the hydrating light moisturizer and moisturizing face wash to my daily beauty routine. It’s so nice to have grown-up products that cater my sensitive skin again. I will also be looking for more from them to try and I’ll shout out again if I find any that work well.


  1. Great review!
    These have sounded like awesome prodcts to me, as well. I actually got to try a sample of the make-up removing cleansing wipes, and they felt so nice. All these products look wonderful. I also have a hard time finding products I love, beacuse I still break out, even though i'm in my twenties and have dry skin.
    Thanks for showing such a variety of great things on your blog.

  2. I use their face cloths and they do a great job at removing makeup.