Thursday, January 24, 2013



My husband goes to bed very early and I understand that because he has to get up very early. I however do not have to get up early and I am night owl by nature. Another way we are different is that to fall asleep he needs total quiet and I need background noise, be it movies or music. To help make our sleep schedules not disturb one another we have tried all manner of things from ear plugs to headphones, with little success.

Ear plugs for him would fall out and then he would get startled awake by my background noise. Headphones for me had a few downsides. I sleep on my side so there was no way I could use traditional headphones at all.  The next obvious solution and the one I had been making due with was ear buds. I made it work by just using one at a time depending on what side I was laying on. The main problem is having something in my ear like that every night has dried it out and caused a fair amount of irritation.

I have found the perfect solution! It’s really rather exciting because it is so perfect it seems like it was made specifically for my problem - SleepPhones. They are headphones designed to be slept in and you can tell. It’s a comfy headband with thin headphones that you won’t even notice when you rest your head on the pillow.

One really fantastic feature is that you can easily remove the headphones from the headband and then machine wash and dry the headband! You guys know I’m a neat freak so that is really cool! The headband is a soft fleece wicking fabric which is sewn and assembled in the USA.

They call them pajamas for your ears and that is a pretty good description of just how comfortable they are. Even the cord is covered with a softer outside than the typical plastic you find on headphones. They also drown out any outside noises like snoring or in my case pets shuffling around at night. These plug into any standard headphone jack. Included was a CD that has three twenty minute sleep friendly tracks from soft music to white noise. You can also get more free music to aid in sleep on their site.

If you like to drift off to with something playing in the background but don’t want to disturb those sleeping nearby this is a perfect solution. The headbands come in three shades: purple, like mine, black and gray. Take a moment to visit the website and see if these awesome SleepPhones are just what you need too!

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  1. What a great invention, especially for couples on different sleep schedules! My husband and I are just that. We go to sleep at different times.

    Thank you for the review. I am interested in learning more about SleepPhones.

  2. Oh wow! These look amazing!I would love to listen to some soothing music while trying to fall asleep but regular head phones are uncomfortable!

  3. This is a great idea. I need something to block out my dog's snoring.