Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Add flavor variety to your coffee with Inbru

We make at least four pots of coffee a day in my house. Sometimes we like to try fancy blends and occasionally we like flavored blends as well. At least two of the daily pots are decaf, they almost have to be with the amount we drink. And we have noticed there isn’t very much variety offered for decaf at all.

I have the neatest things to tell you about! It’s called Inbru and it is coffee flavoring that you add to coffee just before you brew! What that means is no matter what kind of coffee you are having you can flavor it, even decaf! It is not a sweetener and has no calories, fat, sugar, or carbs which is such a great bonus.

It is so easy to use all you do is place your normal amount of coffee in to brew, add Inbru to the grounds and brew as you normally would. That’s it and then you can have whatever flavor you happen to be in the mood for, without having to have several full cans of flavored coffee or calorie laden creamers on hand.

Take a look at the varieties they offer and you will see why it was hard for me to settle on just  a few to try. In fact I had to have my husband help me narrow it down. In the end we decided for or first try we would have Highlander Grogg.

We picked Highlander Grogg flavor because it was unique to any flavor coffee we had ever tried and so we felt it would be like a coffee adventure and it was. It has a lovely maple rum flavor that makes a wonderful after dinner coffee. It really is unlike anything I've ever tried and fast became my favorite coffee flavor.

Up next we tried Danish Pastry flavor because it sounded to yummy not to try - we are pretty big fans of Danishes. This was so neat! I should say again this is not a sweetener so if you want a sweet danish flavor I suggest you add sugar as well. I absolutely loved this in the morning coffee, with or without sugar was fine by me.

If you love coffee and like to experiment with flavors I highly recommend Inbru! It’s easy to use, unique and makes it super convenient to have whichever wonderful coffee flavoring you want when the mood strikes.

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  1. THIS is interesting.. I am NOT a coffee person but it makes me curious to see if it would work for me with something not as strong or perhaps what other applications it would have.