Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Get a Flawless Finish With Mineral Hygenics

Makeup is a part of my everyday routine and my routine is pretty well establish. I do however like to try new things in order to make sure I am using the best products. I have always used a liquid foundation, mostly because I felt it would give me the best coverage, and I can admit I need good coverage with my skin tone variations!

There are more than a few reasons I wanted to try Mineral Hygienics mineral powdered foundation.  The first is that it has only 4 ingredients and you know I love to keep my beauty products as pure as possible. In addition to having the least ingredients industry wide, it is nano free, has SPF protection, is water/sweat resistant, good for sensitive skin, light weight, anti inflammatory and is long lasting! How is that for a long list of reason to give it a try?

First, and you know how import this is to me, the presentation of your order is awesome. It came in a lovely little pink bag and the box was filled with pretty black and pink shredded paper. I was sent a few shades of the foundation in order to find the one that is perfect for me. I have a light skin tone and found that the one marked fair worked best for me. I was also sent finishing powder and a Kabuki brush to apply it with.  I have to say the brush is top quality, nice and thick, as well as soft and luxurious on the skin.

The all important questions for most you though are probably how easy is it to use and how does it look. Let’s start with how easy it is to use.  It is all super easy to use. I started with the foundation. First you want to get the jar ready by taking off the lid and seal. If you don’t want to have the powder come out as fast you can also just poke out some of the holes rather than removing the whole seal.

Pour a small amount into the lid and swirl the brush in the lid. The brush should pick up most of the minerals. Give the brush a light tap on the side of the jar and you are ready to apply. You start on the perimeter of your face and using a circular motion work towards the center of your face, finish with the cheeks and chin. You really do want to start out lightly because it takes a few minutes for the minerals to warm up on your skin and you will then realize a little goes a long way.

Once I figured out how much I needed to use I found this to be much easier than the process I normally go through with primer, liquid foundation, and then setting with powder. I also found it to feel lighter and look much more natural. I am still new to bronzing and so used that very sparingly. I love the extra glow it gives. Once my makeup was complete I used the finishing powder and  love the way it sets everything with a lovely even matte finish. I think I get an airbrushed looking result with these products and couldn't be happier!

Before                                                                   After

If you have been thinking of trying mineral foundations I recommend you start with Mineral Hygienics they are pure, easy to use and give you results you will notice and that will get noticed.

Disclosure: I was given the products I reviewed. No other compensation was received. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.


  1. wow that has a crazy amount of coverage for a mineral powder foundation! I am so used to nothing covering my uneven skin tone the way I would need it to and I think this would actually work.=)

  2. Looks great sweetie!! Thanks for sharing


  3. I absolutely love mineral/powder make up! Not only does it give you a great cover but its so lightweight you forget your wearing makeup!!