Thursday, February 7, 2013


This post is brought to you from Cleo, our only yellow dog.

My humans, especially Mom, really like getting monthly subscription boxes. I now know exactly why they like them! I got the coolest ever box of goodies in the mail today. I mean this little yellow girl has never been this excited about mail. Don’t get me wrong, I like to bark at the mailman everyday, but today he brought me a box from Pawalla. Look how cool the box is!


 Even better look what I saw when I opened it! Have you ever seen so many goodies in one place? I mean really? Treats, special food, toys and even useful pet related stuff for my humans.


The first thing we did was take the two toys out back to play with. One was a soccer ball from PETLOU, Inc. with a squeaker in it. Patches went absolutely crazy for it! She is our resident ball chaser and attacker of anything that squeaks. Look at how far she got off the ground trying to get it! And she is the biggest and oldest of us all! This toy really brought out the puppy in her!


 We also had a colorful little squeaky toy, also from PETLOU, Inc. that really caught the attention of me and Fudge. I was really interested in this one and at the end of the games I did end up with it!


 After all that fun playing we stopped for a treat, or two. First we had some bones from By Nature. They were mixed berry flavor. I’ve never had mixed berry anything before. All four of us really liked them. Look even Lady who rarely gets super excited was actually super excited.


 There was also a buffalo bully stick from Papa Bow Wow. I really like that it is 100% natural; just one ingredient dehydrated buffalo meat. We let Patches have this one and I think we made the right choice - just look at how much she is enjoying it!


 At supper time we had Halo Spot’s Choice, Chicken and Chickpea. It was a nice creamy consistency and had a very tantalizing smell. I was glad they let us all try it because it was really extra special.

 Since there were four of us we also split the can of Halo Spot’s Choice, Turkey and Chickpea. It also had a great creamy texture and a very nice smell. We all really enjoyed this flavor variety as well.


 I don’t think any of us like taking pills, and getting to can be quite a challenge. Included was a great solution made by Complete Natural Nutrition - Pill Buddy Natural in Chicken formula. This tasty little treat is a perfect consistency to insert a pill and is so tasty that we will eat it no questions asked.


 Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover was also included and it is for our humans to use when we’ve had accidents. It’s earth and pet friendly, which it really great, and it is also super easy to use. You just mix it with water according to the instructions, and spray it on your trouble spot. I love that it works on stains and odors, which can often go hand in hand!


If you would like receive monthly boxes of your own please have your humans visit the Pawalla site to see the great subscription choices they offer.

♥ Little Yellow Dog

 Disclosure: I was given the products I reviewed; no other compensation was received. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours.

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