Monday, February 4, 2013


There are some girls who obsesses over shoes, and honestly, I am not one of them. It takes something really special to catch my eye and get me out of my sneakers. When I do see that something special though, I can easily sound like a woman obsessed. Enter the obsessed woman:

I have the most awesome clogs to tell you about. Everything about them just screams, ‘wear me!’ The attention to detail and craftsmanship is fantastic. These are real clogs, made in Sweden by Sandgrens who has been making clogs since 1846.

The clogs I am having a love affair with are the Seine, and I imagine at one glance you can see why. First, I have to say that I really love that they came wrapped, because honestly these are such a prize!

Let’s start with the classic wooden bottoms. They are a medium heel, which is made from Swedish Alder wood. They wood has beautiful features and markings, and is a lovely deep shade. I love that they make the unmistakable clog sound when you walk - it just makes me want to dance! Speaking of dancing, on the bottom they have nice grips on the toe and heel sections so that you get good traction, which also makes them as functional as they are fashionable.

Coming up from the base you will notice the shoe is fastened with nails that have lovely brass nail heads, giving it an eye-catching flair all the way around. It adds so much charm and class to this design in my opinion. The nail heads are fastening down a soft Horween leather, in my case mocha colored, which has a lovely feel and look. There is also some stitching on the upper part and brass eyelets for the Oxford style laces.

As you might imagine these fantastic clogs are versatile and will work stunningly for a professional office, casual or even dressy look. My first day out them was in jeans, because that was what I was wearing when they arrived, and I just couldn't wait to slip them on. I have since worn them with slacks and even with a long skirt, all of the combinations resulted in lots of compliments and questions about these awesome clogs can be purchased.  

Sandgrens has a huge selection of clogs for every style and occasion you could imagine and they are all made with the same great care and quality of materials. Please take some time to browse the site and find a pair that makes your obsessed shoe side squeal with delight!

Disclosure: I was given the products I reviewed. No other compensation was received. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.


  1. I love clogs. These a are the perfect color - match everything!

  2. I absolutely love these.. I have had many shoes similar to these with a taller heel but none looked quite as nice as these! Gorgeous! =D I want some now too!

  3. These are awesome! I want them also! I love clogs and think these would look fabulous with everything from casual to professional. Thanks for making me spend more money to buy my own :)