Sunday, February 17, 2013

Toby & Max Jewelry

This message is from Cleo our only yellow dog!

Happy Sunday everyone!

It’s been a nice week here. We had our first bit of snow that stuck and it lasted until the next day around noon. The snow reminds me of when me and Fudge were found, we were left outside under the car in a snowstorm at just 8 weeks old. We were so lucky to be found but such a great family and taken in. There were already two dogs here, Lady and Patches, who were also rescue dogs. We are a house full of rescued and very loved animals - even the cat Sam!

This week we got in a beautiful Toby & Max Jewelry pendant. It is a lovely heart with a paw print on the front and on the back it says rescued and loved. It came with a leather necklace so that the humans could wear it. The necklace had  lobster claw clasps  which made it easy for the humans to hook. It also came with a ring so that it could be attached to one of our collars, or even put on a key ring like my male human suggested.  In the end the humans decided to give it to me! I'm a very lucky yellow dog for sure. Don’t I look great in it?

Toby and Max Jewelry make a lot of really special jewelry for dogs and their humans who love them. Please browse around find the piece that speaks to your heart. Next week we hope to enjoy some more time outside since the weather is supposed to be nice, if a little cold. I hope you all wiggle your way into a lovely week as well.

♥ Little Yellow Dog

 Disclosure: I was under no obligation to review this pendant but loved it so much I wanted to share it with you.

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