Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Loot Crate - Console Wars

First I want to say Merry Christmas!!!

Now then, it’s Loot Crate time again!!! Did I mention before just how exciting it is when I see the Loot Crate box in my mailbox? I’m a geek, nerd, whichever you prefer, and Loot Crate is THE monthly subscription service for us geeks. It has new geeky theme each month that dictates the direction of the awesome items inside. This month’s theme was Console Wars… geeky gamers everywhere squeal with delight! Or horror if you aren’t yet a member!

Inside this month:

The first thing I grabbed was the Energems from NRG Innovations. Fellow gamers know you have to power up if you are  going to be able to hold your own during a long gaming session. These tasty little candies not only have real chocolate, yum, they also have B vitamins and caffeine to give you the energy you need. They come in different flavors and I received the mint fusion.

From Grip It were some cool Control Protectors. What’s really cool about these is that they work with the Xbox 360, PS3, Next-Gen Xbox and the PS4! Does it help? Yeah you can notice a difference in how well it grips I think. My daughter is more of a hardcore console gamer so these will probably make their way to her controllers soon enough.

There was also a Tin-Tastic Creative Activity Set from Funko. They came in different styles and I was happy to see I got Iron Man. Inside the tin, which will be great for holding all on my little pretties, was collectible stickers, erasers, and pencils.

As  a gamer the shirt this month was totally epic! The design is super cool and very  creative. As always the Shirt Woot shirt is a great quality shirt, that I tossed in the washer as I always do to test how well it holds up and as usually when I tugged it out of the dryer it looks fabulous. Plus in the box was a $5 off code for Shirt Woot so you can grab another of their wonderfully creative designs.

From Mike Vasquez was the Bravest Wars Sticker, which is pretty cool! These little guys look too cute but be careful they are dangerous! LOL I love the cat bug. And what’s not to love about a crossbow toting bear? I will find this sticker  a good home.

Loot Crate Labs made a very cool Legends Never Die magnet that has  already made it’s way to my magnet collection of the fridge. It will be happy there all my magnets are very friendly.  I love the Atari joystick… oh memories. Yes I am old enough that I had an Atari before they were retro LOL.

Also from Loot Crate Labs was a Geek/Gamer Split Personality bracelet. I bet most Looters are like me and fall into both categories. It’s one of the black stretchy bracelets and the writing is white, so it will stand out as your geeky, gamer, Looter ID tag.

There was even a holiday bonus item, a candy cane, which added some nice minty sweetness to my hot chocolate while I was relaxing and watching TV today. There was  an Indiana Jones marathon on, I love Indy. Thanks Loot Crate!

As you can see Loot Crate is all win as usual. With all this cool stuff I know you are itching to know how you can get your hands on such an epic subscription box. All you have to do is sign up here and for $13.37 you can have your very own Loot Crate delivered right to your door. Sign up today though because boxes are limited and with stuff this epic demand is high. 

Disclosure: I may receive products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers. 

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