Saturday, December 28, 2013

Planet Buddeez

I am sure that we can all agree that teaching children about taking care of our Earth is important. Unfortunately, for the younger children, this topic may not be interesting enough to keep their attention. Luckily, Planet Buddeez is here to make eco-friendly topics fun ones! Planet Buddeez is a children's clothing company dedicated to teaching children about caring for the Earth while they are also looking stylish and having fun. They currently carry T-Shirt Combos and Hoodie Combos. Each combo comes with the t-shirt or hoodie, a 4 inch finger puppet and a storybook. The tops have a little pocket in them so your child can always carry their new, eco-conscious friend with them wherever they go!

The great people at Planet Buddeez were nice enough to send my daughter and I both a t-shirt and hoodie combo to review. For the t-shirt we chose Jumper the Jaguar in pink. This shirt is super soft and fits my daughter loosely and comfortably. I like that they run a little big since children are constantly out-growing all of their clothes. Jumper's tops say "Wild Life" on them, which fits my active daughter perfectly. My daughter really enjoyed playing with Jumper and reading the story book that came with her. She liked the shirt so much, that I couldn't take it off of her. She made sure that she went to bed with it on that night. I think her not wanting to take it off goes to show just how nice it is! Another thing I noticed about the shirt was that it didn't shrink in the washer or dryer. It's never fun to get your children a new outfit that they only get to wear once due to it shrinking in the wash!

My children and I all love monkeys so when I saw Majik the Monkey, I knew we had to choose something with him on it. We decided to get the purple Majik the Monkey hoodie combo. Majik's tops say "Tree Hugger", which is just too cute! The inside of this hoodie is very soft and cuddly. It is lightweight but still warm. Their hoodies do not come in 3T, which is my daughter's size, so it is a little baggy but I know she will get a lot of wear out of it. When she first saw Majik, she kept saying, "Monkey, monkey!" and made sure that he got plenty of hugs and kisses.

Planet Buddeez clothes are very soft and really high quality. I am extremely happy with them and so is my daughter! She was instantly attached to the finger puppets (which she makes sure to take everywhere with her). I really like that each Planet Buddeez character comes in a 'boy' and 'girl' color. This makes sure that each and every little one can have the character that they like most! I think that being able to teach your children about being eco-friendly and taking care of the Earth is a priceless lesson and is something every parent should teach their children. Planet Buddeez helps bridge that gap and makes learning about it fun and cute!

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