Monday, December 23, 2013

Twisted Shoes - Alley Clear Sequin Sneaker

I am such a shoe girl! But you know that now, don’t you? You also know I favor casual shoes. One thing that can be challenging about finding a great pair of casual shoes is that they can be plain. While I appreciate a pair of plain shoes from time to time, I really get excited by a glitzy pair of shoes. If you also like glitzy and unique shoes I have an awesome company to tell you about.

Twisted shoes has the most unique and absolutely adorable shoes. They have a full range from casual to dressy styles and flats as well as heels. They even have boots which always hold a special place in my heart. I was of course drawn to the casual shoes and instantly fell in love with the full glitz canvas shoes.  I don’t think I have ever seen canvas  shoes looking so full of spunk as these.

The ones that caught my eyes first were  the Alley Clear Sequin Sneaker. They lace up for a perfect fit and have flashy silver eye holes for the laces that really stand out against the black shoe. The sole is white and pretty good gripping, which you know I need. The shoes have a black canvas upper which is totally covered with a clear sequin overlay. You would be surprised  just how eye-catching that is.

They seem to glisten when I walk. If you pair these with jeans and t-shirt you will certainly add some flash to your casual look.  In fact, I wore them out to the shop after yoga and while still in my yoga pants and pullover, and still got complements on how I looked. Imagine how tickled I was - in yoga pants and essentially a hot mess! You just can’t help noticing these because of the shimmer. I am absolutely in love with these shoes.

In addition to looking fabulous they are also comfy. The have a lightly padded insole that is perfect  for me because it doesn’t have any excess arch support which can really make my feet ache. After hours on my feet I was still good for more walking without a single ache. These are perfect everyday shoes for the fabulously casual, glitzy lady - I know I am not the only one.

You can get your own pair of Alley sneakers from Twisted right on Amazon. While you are there make sure you browse the entire line of Twisted Shoes available on Amazon, I am sure you will find a handful that you must have.

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  1. These are such cute shoes. I like the sequin look and they look nice on you!