Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Learn To Embroider with the Best of Leisure Arts

Where are my crafters? I am exploring a new craft today, one that is rather challenging for me, embroidery. Some people have a block for things like math but I seem to have one for anything that resembles sewing. However, you know that Leisure Arts has craft books that take the scary out of any new craft. So, I am jumping in with both feet and pulling out the needles. 

Learn To Embroider with the Best of Leisure Arts is the perfect resource for getting started, especially  if you have no idea where to start. It also has great techniques that even an experienced stitcher will benefit from. It starts by giving you the basics of what you will need and while I have some of the things, since I am a crafter, a run to the craft store is needed (hopefully I can avoid the yarn isle). 

After that, you are shown the basic stitches in a stitch gallery that will increase your stitch knowledge. I’m so glad it is all written down because I will need to do this a few times before it sticks. Now once you familiarize yourself the basics, the book jumps into a project, a pin cushion, that can be done by a beginner! I love that because I am really a hands on learner.  

There are several projects included that are easy and that teach you a new stitch or technique. As with all Leisure Arts books, the instructions are clear and easy to follow with great pictures. I am really taken by the look of redwork and also by the look of embroidery on jeans. And something about the crazy quilt style really speaks to my crazy crafter heart. My shopping list is made and my trip to the store planned, I wish we had a craft store close by because I would already have several of these done! 

Do tell! Have you done some embroidery? What did you make? Take some time to browse Leisure Arts' great selection and make sure you also connect with Leisure Arts on Facebook and Twitter so that you never miss a special or new pattern! Also, if you sign up for their knitting or crochet newsletters, you get a free pattern on Fridays!

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  1. My grandmother taught me to crochet and my mother to embroider. Then I taught cross-stitch, embroidery, crewel, etc when I sold for Creative Circle. You'll keep your creations (or give them away), but will always be proud of them. All of this hand-needlework is becoming a lost art. Congrats for trying something new!