Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Crochet Flag Blanket

I have been pretty lax about sharing my finished projects with ya'll!! Well... it's a new year and time for me to catch up a bit! So look out for some done projects! Starting now...

One of the first projects I finished was a flag blanket. Not only was I proud to have finished it, but I was also so very proud at how it turned out.

The first part was to make the star field. These were all done separately and sewn together. 

Up next was the stripes, which were done as a granny stitch. This was my first time doing the granny stitch and it has now become one of my favorites. 

After both parts were finished I joined them with a whipstitch. 

If I do say so myself the finished blanket is totally awesome. <3


  1. This by far is my favorite blanket of yours. It is so pretty, and it really looks well made. You are so good at making blankets. This would look nice on my couch!

  2. My spare room is decorated with ted and blue this would look awesome on the bed in there. It's a really great idea that I wouldn't have thought of.